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Billy Owen

5 Signs That You're a Psychic Medium and You Don't Even Know it

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There is a popular belief saying that every human has natural psychic abilities to a certain extent and they can only be of use if discovered and improved through practice. Most of the time, when people experience something unusual, they immediately decide to consider it as just a coincidence. Have you ever noticed how you perceive something that's about to happen and it does happen some time later? That's your intuition talking to you and offers you to increase your set of 5 senses. There are two types of psychic mediums: those who discover their psychic selves during childhood and those who develop psychic abilities later in life. If you feel like you belong in the latter group, here are 5 signs that confirm that you are a psychic medium and you just are not aware of it.

You're Constantly Surprised by Your Intuition

That is not a coincidence. If you are almost always the one with the highest score when playing guessing games with your friends, your intuition is trying to tell you to work on it, improve it and take advantage of it. Only when you accept that you have a better intuition than most people you know you can develop your psychic abilities.

You Often Have Vivid Dreams

Sometimes the dreams feel very powerful and surreal, but as soon as we wake up, there is not a single thing we can remember. If you can remember your dreams in great details, then you're a psychic medium. The dreams of a psychic are not only indication of psychic abilities, but they can also provide insight to real life events. Vivid dreams are full of symbols, numbers, words and other details that when properly interpreted, can pinpoint possibilities in someone's life.

You Sometimes See People in Colors

Since psychics are able to read people's aura, it's safe to say that they see the world through a different pair of eyes. They are prone to the condition known as synesthesia, which boosts one sense by the cost of impacting another one. If it happens to you to see some people in colors, your psychic self is letting you see people by their energy and it's about time for you to embrace your psychic abilities.

You Hear Voices Everyday

We all have an inner critic, which is also known as a critical inner voice, and it has a tendency to criticize each and every one of our decisions. It would rather challenge us than support us when we need support the most. Psychics, on the other hand, have not only one inner voice, but plenty of and they can completely mess up their minds. This is an important sign of psychic awakening, as if you focus properly, those voices may guide you to the process of discovering your psychic self.

Your Gut is Always Right

There are moments when we just know that something feels either right or wrong. Sometimes we also just “know” something is about to happen before it does. Regardless of whether it is a decision you're about to make or which car to buy, you just got a feeling that you should\shouldn't do it. That is your gut instinct that helps you feel energy. If it turns out that your gut is always right, then you are a psychic who didn't know it until now.