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Billy Owen

Kids Skates: Let the Christmas Hearts with happiness Melt

3 min read

Since we Australians have a unique weather during the Christmas season we also have the opportunity to give our dearest one's unique presents. The last year I have decided to surprise my little ones with something that will put a huge smile on their faces and keep them busy all year round. If you haven't guess yet, I'm talking about inline skates. As a mother of two, I barely have time to go for shopping. So, I decided to look for inline skates online and see what I can found. Believe it or not, I was amazed by the huge variety of top-notch kids skates available. From the most convenient buyer, I certainly become the most confused one without an idea what to choose.

After a made a good research I finally found the perfect fit for my kids. They are different ages and sex so my goal was to buy inline skates that will be most suitable for them. For my little girl, I choose a model with Alpha shell and cuff since they were designed with support and lightweight in mind. For easy handling, the frame length varies with the shoe sizes thus giving the kids the best possible set up. Also, these kids skates come with an adjustable size what means they are not short term investment. On the other hand, for my little gentlemen I've purchased a model with Lo-Balance frame that brings stability and control in motion. The speed lacing system and true wrap technology these kids skates come with allowing precise and fast fit in a single, easy movement.

So, I've made my choice, but what about you? Do you still feel hesitant about buying inline skates for your kids as a present? I know, kids like toys, but they cannot keep them as occupied as skates since they don't engage their whole bodies. Plus, skating can get your kids away from the screen of their phones, ipads, and PCs. They look like toys, but they're much more than that and kids love them. Inline skating is a great aerobic activity that will provide your kids with some very important benefits like following:


  • Riding inline skates improves strength and muscle endurance.


  • With a little help, your kids will improve their range of motion and flexibility.


  • They will experience coordination and balance improvement.


  • The body composition of your kid's body will change with time because of all the calories they will burn during their ride.


  • Their connectivity and clarity will also become better.


  • Respiratory and cardio endurance will boost too.


Believe me, kids enjoy riding skates. I know this because I have the opportunity to watch mine how happy they become anytime they need to put their pair of inline skates on their feet. I have already seen some amazing improvements in my kids during their skating session and because of this I will continue to recommend them as a perfect gift for kids. So mothers, do not be hesitant, put your child on skates and watch the smiles roll by.