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Billy Owen

Roller Derby Equipment: What Should be on the Top of Your List

3 min read

If you are new to roller derby, you probably dream of being in the centre of attention and wowing the crowds with your great techniques and skills. In order to be the first and the best, you need to own top-quality roller derby equipment. This is probably the last thing on your mind, but in fact, it should be the first.


Gear plays a big role in roller derby, so we strongly recommend you to purchase your own quality roller derby equipment as this will have a huge impact on your skating skills. Consider this as an investment that will pays off if investing in a superior quality roller derby gear.


When purchasing new gear, make sure you buy it from a reliable online store, as this is the only way to be sure that you will get the best deal for your money.

Now, let's have a look at the roller derby gear that will make you skate like a roller derby pro. 


Skates 'n' Plates

Maybe obvious, but one of the things that should be at the top of your list should be buying superior quality roller skates. Roller skates come with plates (the thing that attach wheels to your boots), that can be replaced after time if you want to upgrade your skates. 

The most important thing when buying roller skates is to choose the best fit, and to invest in high quality skate with leather interior and exterior in order to last you a long time. 


Wheels & Bearings

Although skates come with wheels, after a time you will surely want to replace the wheels from your starter skates with harder wheels, as the softer can help you stay in control, while harder wheels will allow you to skate fast and stop smoothly. And when it comes to the bearings, they will help your wheels spin on the axle, so make sure you choose ceramic ones as they are the best. 



Good pads are also an important type of gear, as you will want to stay protected once on the streets. When it comes to choosing pads, makes sure you buy from a reliable online store and invest in high quality pads for your knees, elbows and wrists. You can also invest in knee gaskets, which are an under-padding gear that can help you support the knee even more and keep the pad in place. 



When talking about helmets, you must invest in a special skate helmet. The bike helmet you have is not enough, as skating helmets cover the back of your head as well, since the chances of falling backwards and forwards when skating are the same. 



Mouth-guard or mouth piece is small device worn on the teeth to protect them from head and face impacts. These guards can come in different colours and even flavours, but the best part is that they can prevent and reduce injury to the skater's teeth, tongue, lips, gums and cheeks.