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Billy Owen

What is Spiritual Guidance and How Can it Improve Your Life?

3 min read

When a person starts exploring their existence and their purpose on this Earth, there are many questions that come to their minds and give them a hard time. Can I trust my own intuition? What is spirituality and can it help me have a better life? Do I need spiritual guidance of another person? How can I discover my own source of inner wisdom? These questions could torture your mind for days, weeks, months and even years, until you finally boost your spiritual awareness and get the much wanted answers.

Spiritual guidance has been guiding people through a journey of self-exploration for thousands of years and it used to appear in many different forms. Many religions have specific terms for spiritual guidance, so the actual meaning of spiritual guidance can vary greatly from one tradition to another. In some religions, spiritual guidance is provided by a higher power via a priest, while some traditions consider the daily experiences as spiritual guidance, but only if properly interpreted.

These days, spiritual leaders are not the only ones who can provide spiritual guidance. Psychics are also known as suitable spiritual guidance providers, because their highly-advanced intuition, their gift to read people's aura and their various psychic readings experiences can help people improve their life in the areas they're struggling most. Besides helping them identify their problems and deal with it properly, psychics can also help people find the spiritual truth and boost their spiritual awareness.

Although they have the same goals, psychics and spiritual leaders work in different ways. Spiritual leaders try to help people by offering them a solution to their daily struggles with an approach from a spiritual perspective. They usually suggest people to increase the faith in a higher power and strengthen the connection with it, as if it were the only way to solve their problems. Psychics, on the other hand, do not necessarily connect spirituality with religion and will never suggest a person to reach out to a higher power for help. Their way of helping you to boost your spirituality is based on self-exploring and discovering.

Since psychics are known for reading a person's aura (an energetic field that every person has and it's consisted of feelings and thoughts), they are only able to help you identify your problem and maybe give you a few suggestions out of experience. Unlike spiritual leaders, the spiritual readings of psychics will guide you through a process of re-evaluating, discovering and searching for answers of your own existence, all leading to enlightenment and major life changes. Spiritual guidance is about helping you re-establish the connection between your body and your soul and finding your higher self, not to connect with an outer higher power so you can live a more fulfillment life.

Even after so many decades of trying, we are still seeking the meaning and purpose of our existence, but with a renewed curiosity, sharpened minds and eagerness bigger than ever. What we learned from all those years of trying is that every person is a creator of a new story with its own beginning and its own end. Happiness, fulfillment and joy happen to those who try to live a better life, to those who believe in themselves, to those who are eager to know the biggest mysteries in the universe. Every personal choice makes a difference in your life and when spiritually inspired, even the smallest ones makes a huge impact.