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Billy Owen

Why are Heavy Duty Workbenches a Practical Investment

3 min read

One of the best ways to keep your warehouse productivity and safety on the job is by getting a sturdy industrial workbench. These types of workbenches are made to last and are definitely worth every penny of your money. In fact, heavy duty workbenches are a safe investment that will result in high ROI. But we are not done here yet since space is not the only thing you will get from using industrial workbenches.


Besides being space-saving, these durable workbenches can provide full protection to the stored tools and materials. Besides, they require low maintenance, have almost none replacement costs, and will give you the opportunity to upgrade them with some extra shelves.


All in all, the industrial heavy duty workbenches are a practical, durable, quality and built to last solution. And just like the name implies, they are perfect for heavy duty use, making them ideal for the use in manufacturing and engineering industries. The strong and robust construction can take high impacts and long duration of use, in fact, they are designed to hold up a load up to 750kg which is pretty awesome.


When it comes to the choice, here are the two most important things you will need to bear in mind:


  • Picking the workbench worktop material

  • Choosing the right accessories for the chosen workbench


Since the user's demands are many, manufacturers strive to produce different types of heavy duty workbenches made out of different material. Generally speaking, industrial workbenches usually have hardwood, plastic, steel and laminate worktops wherein, the steel plate should be around 2mm thick, the hardwood plate should be 25mm thick, and the laminate one should be 20mm thick.


Lastly, leaning on to the right accessories for your workbench is just another thing you can do to improve the overall workbench functionality and productivity. So when it comes to choosing them, the first ones you want to consider are drawers and cupboards. They are essential bellow the bench accessories in order to provide some extra storage space for storing work, filling documentation, and small parts. You can also consider the option of adding retaining lips that will be fitted to the edges of the work surface, which will surely prevent sliding or rolling off the workbench's edge.


Depending on the type of industrial workbench you have chosen, you can also opt for adding a vice plate or even sliding doors to it.