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Billy Owen

Womens Leather Gloves Buying Guide

3 min read

Anytime you see celebrities on the red carpet you become charmed by their dress code, hairstyle and all those beautiful accessory pieces they are using to complement their overall look. Sometimes it is not just about the dress, it is more about those sparkling necklaces, earrings, and of course, the beautiful pair of leather gloves. Is just amazing of how a simple pair of leather gloves can make even the simplest dress looking so stylish and fabulous.

If you are invited to a party and you want to achieve this classic style that has always been striking, all you need is a pair of quality leather gloves. With the right gloves, your simple black dress will get a whole new look. Before make your purchase you need to know some basic things. There is a wide array of womens leather gloves out there, so you may find yourself lost in the whole process of buying the right pair for you.



Womens leather gloves are usually made of the highest quality leather. Lambskin and sheepskin are the most common types of leather used in the production process of dress leather gloves because of their softens. The most exclusive type of sheepskin available is known as slink lamb and the one with highest quality comes from New Zealand. The premium quality of this leather makes every detail on the gloves to feels and looks luxurious. You can find leather gloves available in different lengths, so your choice will depend on your personal preferences.

Also depending on the climate and the weather conditions in your living area you need to choose between unlined and lined leather gloves. Lined gloves will provide you with addition warmth during the cold days. If looking for a quality pair of lined gloves make sure you choose those that come lined with natural materials like cashmere or wool for improved breathability. These gloves are designed to maintain their finish, colour and shape for years to come.

Choosing the right colour is also an important decision. Consider you clothes and pick gloves with suitable colour. Neutral colours like brown, grey and black are always great choice yet the most fashionable. If you are more interested in brighter colours like pink or red, make sure they will match with your coat or some other accessories you are planning to wear.

The wrong size of gloves is a big issue. Too big gloves will not provide you with the required warmth while too small gloves are uncomfortable for wearing. Quality stitching is a synonym for durability and for gloves that will maintain their shape. Make sure the stitches are not on the inside since they can irritate your skin and make wearing your new pair of gloves uncomfortable experience.


The leather is durable material but still require proper care. A regular cleaning and conditioning will make the leather stay supple and flexible. There are many leather cleaners available on the market, so cleaning properly your new pair of womens leather gloves should not be an issue.