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Billy Owen

The Importance of Hand Wraps for Boxing

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If you're thinking about starting boxing, you should know a few things before you step in the ring. Boxing is an inexpensive sport when you're first starting out. You will need some quality fight equipment and supplies designed to protect you during your boxing training. For a heavy bag workout, you will need a jump rope, heavy bag, bag gloves and hand wraps. When it comes to training with a partner you will also need a mouthguard, headgear, groin protector (or chest protector if you're female) and sparring gloves.

Do you have to wrap your hands for boxing?

Besides a pair of quality boxing gloves, you will also need hand wraps for extra protection and support on your hand and wrists. Over half of the bones in the human body are in the hands and feet. This means that there are numerous tiny and fragile bones in your hands that can be easily fractured during training, especially if you don't wrap your hands. 

Boxing is all about punching, so if you have a broken hand you can't punch. You have to protect your hands by using hand wraps properly. The purpose of hand wraps is to strengthen and align your wrists as well as to prevent bleeding as a result of scraped knuckles. Hand wraps will protect your hands during boxing, minimize the chances of injury, and will also prolong the life of your boxing gloves as they will soak up all the sweat that would otherwise seep into the gloves.

Types of hand wraps

Today, hand wraps for boxing come in many sizes and colors, so it can be confusing deciding what you need.

When it comes to length, hand wraps also come in several lengths, with 108" and 180" being the most common. Many boxers opt for the 180" wraps which give enough length to wrap your hands in various different ways. They also provide extra support and padding on the places where you need it the most.


Traditional hand wraps are cotton weaved and don't stretch easily. They were very popular in the past, but as they have no give, it's very easy to wrap them so tight that they cut off the blood circulation to your fingers. Today, cotton hand wraps are not a popular option because they are considered uncomfortable.


Mexican-style hand wraps are usually a blend of spandex and semi-elastic cotton. They are the most widely used hand wraps for boxing because they're stretchy, really comfortable and they stick better to your hands. They tend to stay tight for the whole boxing session, so you can make a fist comfortably without feeling the wrap cut into your hand.

Tape and Gauze

Many professional boxers use tape and gauze when fighting in the ring. However, tape and gauze are not necessary when you're training.


Glove wraps are fingerless gloves that offer a simple and quick solution for protecting your hands. However, even though they're convenient, they're not tight fitting and don't offer the same amount of protection and support as traditional or Mexican hand wraps.

What are the best wraps for boxing?

If you're wondering what are the best hand wraps for boxing and which ones you should choose, go Mexican. Mexican-style wraps are elastic, more comfortable, and they will provide the protection you need during training.They're also longer than the traditional wraps, so they will effectively wrap your hands and knuckles. Make sure that the wraps you'rebuying have a wide Velcro closure. Wraps with thin Velcro ends can come apart easily and they're not so secure. 

Buying hand wraps is a very simple process only if you know what you're looking for. Spend a little more money and get some high-quality hand wraps that will protect your hands in the long run.