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Billy Owen

Saltram Wines - Wines of Taste and Style

3 min read

Wouldn't it sound inviting if someone comes and asks you this question : ” Do you want to experience the world of wines, good food and pleasant song? “ If your answer is affirmative, then follow me, I will take you to the most adventurous ride in the city of wines. Fasten your seat belt, here we go. Oh, wait! We forgot to play the pleasant song in the background, an Italian “cantante” singing about tasty spaghetti meal is our best choice. Now, when we are ready we can hit the road, lets go! 

Saltram wines, a profound topic to discuss because wines are hard to compare. Each has its own taste, characteristics and quality. Australian wine industry wouldn't be complete without mentioning Saltram wines and what makes them special and quality premium. 

Barossa Valley in Australia is know for producing quality grapes that are the main ingredient of Saltrum wines. With a history of more than 150 years, these wines have won the Australia's wine market and are highly recommended and appreciated by wine lovers not only on a national level but across the world too. An interesting fact is that many winemakers have passed through the doors where these particular wines are made and the cellars where they are kept. 

If you have an opportunity to visit the Saltram winery, you are going to experience comfortable, contemporary styling and very original winery design. Plus the experiences that you'll collect will last for lifetime. You will have an opportunity to taste multitude of good quality wines that are aged for years and year and you may never want to leave.

Now, lets give more profound picture of different types of Saltram wines and what makes them so special and unique. 

  • Saltram Cabernet Sauvignon, has a luscious blackcurrant flavour with some grainy tannin. Especially good in taste is the Saltram Mamre Brook Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon, because this special wine is rich in aroma of deep, dark berries and cherries, with mocha oak whiffs, sweetly fruited with vanilla and coffee oak. 
  • White Saltram wines tastes are particular too. The range is wide, but we will mention just some that dominate on the market, like Saltram Chardonnay  wine with same characteristics like the one aged since 1859, but made in modern style. Fruity taste with moderate oak flavour, with a smell of ripe peaches, honeysuckle and hints of lemon zest.
  • Wines wouldn't be famous if the popular Italian grape fiano isn't on the list. Saltram Winemaker's selection fiano is very tasty version. This particular wine shows scents of citrus, ginger, honeysuckle and has flinty texture, with lemony acidity. To be continued. 

Eh, pal are you still with me? Oh OK, you are. Let me tell you we can drive like this for hours and hours, but without accomplishing our goal. Want to know why, we still have a long way to go. Lets stop here, and chose the best one for our delicious fish dinner dish, and please do not forget to put my favourite Italian song on.

Billy Owen

Tattoos For Women: Myriad of Inspiring Designs and Where to Have Them

4 min read

Generally, women ask for those tattoos, which exude feminine energy and have multiple interpretations. Vines, flowers, leaves, small animals, and bugs are most prominent elements in their tattoos. Certain women like to wear mysterious tattoos. These tattoos are regular objects, but they have great meanings attached to them. Keys, clouds, castles, rocks, and gems are some of the tattoo designs. Other popular tattoo art for women are as follows:



Flower tattoos - It is perhaps the most popular category for tattoos for women. Flowers like roses, hibiscuses, marigolds, lotuses, chamomiles, and lilies are on the top of the list of preference. What makes flower tattoos so endearing to women is their color and presentation. They can be given any color including neon shades and they still look elegant. As for the presentation, there could be a single flower, a pair, or a bunch. The number of petals could be increased for making the flower have a richer look. You could, in fact, let your imagination take over when designing a flower tattoo and undoubtedly, it would be one of the most stylish tattoos for women.


Butterfly tattoos - These tattoo designs are delicate and look utterly gorgeous. Butterflies are generally associated with the restless soul so it is perfect for someone, who wishes to enjoy life to the fullest.


Fairy tattoos - Fairies are attractive otherworldly creatures with innocent faces and cute wings. Women, who consider their daughters no less than fairies, get the tattoo to keep their little one close to their heart. Other women love fairies because of their magical powers. By wearing such tattoo art for women, they wish to absorb some of the fairy’s magical abilities.


Heart tattoos - One of the trendy tattoos for women, a heart is a popular symbol of love and togetherness. A single heart design would mean that the lady is romantic and perhaps single while the twin hearts clearly depict that she has found her true love and is proud of it. It is a great idea to get the name of the beloved tattooed too. It is how you could feel his presence closest at all times.


Text as Tattoos - Women, who like to read or are great observers, pick up quotes from a variety of places and get them tattooed. The quotes could be inspirational or they could be wonderful truths of life that most fail to identify. Hence, when a tattooed woman sees the quote tattoo in the mirror, it is a source of inspiration or a reminder for her that life is beautiful. 


Best places to have tattoos


Back of the neck - Here, the tattoo looks dainty and pretty. As space is little, you should choose a design from the many small tattoos for women.


Arm - This is the place where you can get any of the cool tattoos for women. Your tattoo would be highly visible to you as well as to others.


Lower back - One of the intimate places to have a tattoo, tattoo designs featuring vines and flowers look best. Your design will peep through whenever you would bend over so be ready to get some stealthy glances at it.


Side - The side is the best area to have stylish tattoos for women. Long floral or tribal designs look splendid. You could also get Japanese or Tibetan quote tattoos here. Do not forget to learn what the quote means; it would help you connect with the body art.

Billy Owen

Jewellry Box Shopping Guide

3 min read

I am a huge fan of jewellery and I spend lot of money on it. I clean my jewellery properly and organize different pieces into different jewellry boxes. If you want to keep your jewellery in great shape you must be sure that your jewellery is stored well. Because of this, it was of main importance for me to invest in quality jewllery boxes. These little items come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours all with the goal of organizing, storing, displaying and protecting jewellery. They can be made of metal, leather, wood or various types of fabrics. Some boxes are designed specifically for organizing and protecting your jewellery while you travel and others to compliment your room décor. 

jewellry box

Because there are so many choices out there, the main question is: How to choose the right jewellry box? First of all, think about what type and how much of jewellery you have, how you want to use the  jewellry box and then set a budget. Because I am familiar with this beautiful items, I will present you some of the most popular types of boxes and their features so you can make the more informed decision.


Wooden jewellery box – These boxes are some of the most popular and often the largest. Most of them are designed with one or two cabinets, several drawers with wood or glass doors. Usually they are made of mahogany or oak, but burlwood or teak may also be used. These boxes can range from very small to large on legs, but, most jewellery boxes fall in the middle range and provide enough space to store necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Many women receive these boxes as gifts and keep them for years. They often become family heirlooms that are passed on through generations.


Fabric jewellery boxes – The popularity of this boxes is constantly increasing. They are smaller in size compare to jewellery boxes made of wood and are often lined with a blend of velvet and satin. They may come with decorative beading and wide range of colours so as to match the décor of the room. They look perfect on a dresser and are great choice for gifts. Above all, they are more inexpensive option than wooden boxes.


Leather boxes – Leather boxes are usually considered as men's boxes. Also, they are often called “valets” and are simpler compared to women's versions. They are wrapped in leather and may be two layers with a lid or single layer tray with compartments. They are specifically designed to hold cuff links and watches. So, if you don't know what to buy for your husband or boyfriend for his next birthday, leather jewellry box for men is an excellent gift.


Travel jewellry boxes – These boxes are specifically designed to ensure the jewellery will remain organized and secure. They usually have compartments that are separated into one large for necklaces and two or more smaller ones for bracelets, earrings and rings.


Billy Owen

Christian Best-Sellers You Should Own

3 min read

Looking for a great book to read? Nothing can be more inspiring and stimulating than reading a Christian book. Christian books are completely different from the rest of the books as they can refresh your mind, teach you to be patient and can help you gain a new perspective on a faith. Christian books will surely give you a clearer vision of your Christian faith, teach you to apply it in your daily life and teach you to appreciate the daily struggles you are dealing with. Free your mind and soul with the following Christian best-sellers. They will surely make a profound impact on the way that you choose to live your life.


“Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young

“Jesus Calling” is a bestselling book by Sarah Young. In fact, “Jesus Calling” is her own prayer journal that she shares with people devoted to Jesus and Christianity. The concept of the whole book is to teach us to believe in God's  presence and learn how to rely on Him in every moment of their life. Reading this book will give you the power to strengthen your spirit and help you get through the toughest moments in your life.


“Wild At Heart” by John Eldredge

If you are interested in reading something new and spicy, something that is similar to the Bible and yet so different, we suggest you to read the John Eldredge bestseller “Wild At Heart”. It is a book where John talks about how men since little dream to be heroes, strong, independent and to live a life full of adventures, but on the way to becoming that men they lose those dreams and themselves and become just the “nice guy”. In some way John “blames” the Church, as it contributes the men to become weak, mild and soft, which is completely the opposite of what masculine guy means. If you love intriguing books, this is a must-read one! 


“The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

If you want to learn all 'love languages', this book is something you should think about. “The 5 Love languages” book is written by the New York best selling author Dr. Gary Chapman, who's main goal is to teach us that marriage should be based only on pure love. There is no secret that many times in marriage husbands and wives speak in different languages, so Chapman helps couples get over the difficult moments and start all over. 


“The Love Dare” by Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick

Don't lose the spark you have had at the beginning of your marriage. Rad this best-selling challenging book that will challenge you and your partner with a 40-day process, showing you the keys to true intimacy. “The Love Dare” is a breathtaking and heartwarming story that will teach you about the real meaning of love.

Billy Owen

Hearing Test For Children Explained

3 min read

Children begin to learn language and speech from the moment they are borne, and a baby who hears well learn a lot about the world through sounds. 

A child who cannot hear well may have difficult developing language skills and learning to talk. So it is important to recognize the signs of hearing loss as early as possible to prevent and even avoid any concerns.

hearing test for children

The importance of having your child's hearing tested.

Every year, hundreds of babies are born with some kind of hearing loss in Australia. For most babies with  hearing issues, there are no clear signs to demonstrate that. We can say that is quite impossible to tell how well your baby can hear by just watching his/her responses to everyday sounds. That is why it is essential that all babies undergo hearing test children routine once they are borne.  


Hearing test children routine that your child will receive.

It is important to mention that much can be done if hearing loss is found early in life. Your baby's hearing test may occur in the hospital before you go home or in your community soon after birth. In Australia most babies born in hospital are tested before they leave the facility. If your baby did not receive test, contact your local health unit.

The hearing test children routine is very safe and cannot hurt your baby. Soft sounds are played in your baby's ears, while a computer analyze the responses. Hearing test is best performed at least 12 hours after birth when your baby is resting quietly or asleep. 


Detecting a kid with hearing loss.

As mentioned before hearing loss can be difficult to detect. Mid hearing loss can be mistaken for other concern and it may cause a child to appear distracted or unsociable. Usually, parents of an older children are the first ones to notice if there is a concern. 


Hearing loss can happen at any time during childhood. You should know that some babies do not have hearing loss at birth, but can developed it later. So even if your baby passes the newborn hearing test, you should continue to pay attention to his/her responses to sounds and early attempts to talk. 


Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. 

When it comes to conductive hearing loss, it is usually temporary. But sensorineural loss is often permanent. Most hearing loss in young children is temporary and can be medically treatable. An audiologist will be able to determine the type of hearing loss your child has and determine the best treatment available. 

Billy Owen

Jump-Start Your Fat Loss: Tips That Actually Work

3 min read

Looking to kick things up a notch in the weight-loss goal? If you have failed in losing some weight, don't let those few pounds beat you! Getting rid of the extra layer of fat is easier than you think. Most people are missing some of the key elements in their fat-burning fight, but with these tips you can get moving into the right direction and jump-start your transformation! Within a few weeks, you’ll start seeing the difference and definition in your arms and midsection without putting too much effort at the gym. 

Drop Your Calorie Intake By 500

To melt the excess fat, you must reduce your daily calorie intake. We usually underestimate how much we take in during the day, so it is good to keep a food journal for several days and track exactly how many calories you are eating and drinking. Once done, reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories per day to boost your fat loss. To make sure you are moving into the right direction, measure your body fat every week with fat calipers. 

Add One Extra Day Of Hiit Cardio

If your fat loss is stalling, accelerate it by doing intense workout. High-intensity interval workouts burn more fat than steady-state exercise. Pick one day of the week and make it  pure HIIT (high intense interval training) training. 

It's All About Protein

Protein has a great role when it comes to losing fat. Protein is your only ally in maintaining your muscle during a caloric deficit. It will keep you satiated and will additionally boosts your calorie burn throughout the day. For a successful fat loss mission, eat at least one gram of protein every day and get protein from whole sources like eggs, yogurts, nuts, lean meats and quality protein powders. 

Eat Healthy Food

Maybe strange, but if you want to lose more fat, you need to eat more fat. Healthy fats like animal fats, fat from nuts, real butter, coconut oil and avocado will make you leaner and more muscular, while maintaining your good testosterone levels. Get at least 30% of your calories from natural sources of fat and never consume artificial fats, as they can cause health problems like heart disease.

Stay Hydrated

No juices or any other beverage can replace what water can do to our body. It is a irreplaceable thing that can ensure you perform at a high level in the gym. Start the day hydrated by drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Related to how much water you should drink throughout the day, well the answer is still debatable. We recommend that you drink at least one bottle. The rest is on you and your thirstiness.

Extra Tips

Use carbs only when doing heavy exercises. On that way your body will use the energy for muscle growth and recovery rather than fat gain. 

Use fish oil supplements to increase muscle growth and lose fat.

Have a good night's sleep. 

Billy Owen

Australian Reds: Penfolds Grandfather Port

3 min read

Oenophiles, here's a good discussion topic for today: Penfolds Grandfather Port wine. For those that don't know, a port wine is fortified wine made in Portugal and it typically is a sweet, red wine often served accompanying desserts. It may be found in a dry, semi-dry and white variety. The main characteristic of this wine is that it's aged quite long before it's used. So basically, it's an old wine, and we all know the main mantra in the wine world: “the older, the better”. So, let's explore the main features of this exceptional example of old wines:

Aging Process

Penfolds Grandfather Port has a very interesting aging process. On average, this wine would be 20 years old. First, it ages for 8 years. After these pass, the wine goes through an 8 level system of aging called solera. When it gets into the solera, it's pushed down the 8 various levels with a small amount of port being drained at the bottom and a small amount of wine being added at the top. Prepared in this way, the wine is left to ferment for about 20 years.

Main Characteristics

This wine is a blend of a few grape varieties and it's not made from a single grape like most wines are. This is a mixture of Grenache, Cabernet, Shiraz and Mourvedre. As a result of the grapes' main characteristics and the unique aging process, the Penfolds Grandfather Port is a very sweet dessert wine. Once taken, if you get the feeling you have a sip of syrup in your mouth, it probably means you've taken too much. In order to really experience the taste of this wine, you need to take only tiny sips. Experienced like that, the wine tastes smooth and is very easy to drink. On the tip of the tongue it leaves the impression of a very nice toffee type of taste.


Since port is an old wine and generally stands for an exclusive example, it will be on the high end or the price range. Of course, cheaper examples can be found, but if we speak of the real thing, you should be prepared to open your wallet. On the other hand, this wine is something you can keep in your collection for a long time. Because of its powerful taste, the Penfolds Grandfather Port is served only about an ounce at once. And you can't take any more of it because it simply is too strong, and after the first sip of two, it no longer tastes as good as the first time. All in all, it's completely worth it. 

Billy Owen

Self Watering Planter Box Is Perfect For Indoor Use

3 min read

They say, “he who plants a garden, plants hope”. The amazing innovations of companies nowadays have enabled people to grow flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables even without having an outdoor space. Growing your own fruits and vegetables has never been easier. A self watering planter box is a smart alternative which saves space and is an excellent choice if you are restricted with not suitable climate, poor soil, and have no time to take care of your plants. Their greatest advantage is the conservation of water.

Brookstone Self Watering Planter

If you plan on going a couple days away but have nobody to take care of your plants, do not panic as Brookstone planters are here to rescue you. This modern planter box is available in eight colours and it is 40cm long and 14cm wide. Their water reservoir is connected to a unique funnel system. It is separated from the soil by a specially designed granular material which provides nutrition for plants.  

Glowpear Self Watering Planter Box

If a poor design was the reason why you have not purchased a self watering planter box, now you have zero reasons left. The amazing new designs of Glowpear planters will surely make you a fan. They were designed for growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, no space is too small or too large for these planter boxes to fit in. Their durable construction and contemporary design make them ideal for decks and patios, balconies, interconnected with each other or standing alone. 

Eva-Solo Orchid Planter Box

Known for their sensitivity, orchids can be hard to look after. However, if you do not forget the fact that they hate standing in water and must have a drainage system because they do not need much water, they will be great. The Eva Solo self watering planter box is specially designed for these flowers giving them the special care they need. They have a nylon wick at the base which enables them to take as much water as they need, without swamping them. These incredible planters will make every home warmer and inviting. 

Tiered Self Watering Planter Box

You will fall in love once you see this amazing self watering planter box which will give you an opportunity to create a tower of blooms. There are not many planters of this type on the market, and this one is designed in Italy-the master of designs. This beautiful piece of art consists of 10 small 38cm wide pots on wheels, which enables you to roll them whenever you want.

Billy Owen

Glass Cooktops Are Easy To Clean And Maintain

3 min read

I love to cook, but what I hate about is when it gets messy. Dried stains of boiled pasta or other food spills over glass cooktops are a real nightmare. They are stubborn and hard to remove if you don’t clean them up right away. 

My theory with cleaning any mess, is to clean it immediately after cooking. This is the only way not to spend hours in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess. But, what about the cleaning products? Which product is ideal for cleaning glass cooktops? If you are a Eco person who avoids chemical products, baking soda soapy solution is all you need.

glass gas cooktop

Steps To Naturally Clean A Glass Cooktop

You will need:

  • Clean dish cloth or paper towel to wipe lose debris from your cooktop.
  • Hot soapy water. You can fill the sink or a bucket with hot water and add  1-2 tablespoons dish liquid.
  • Baking soda - A cup or more, depending on the size of your cooktop. You need to have enough to sprinkle all over the surface.
  • Old cloths or rags, to cover the entire cooktop surface.
  • Clean sponge
  • Rubber gloves
  • Microfiber cloth to finish and add shine.


Let’s Get Started


  • Take the paper towels or the clean dishcloth and remove as much lose debris as you can from the cool glass cooktop.
  • Make up your hot soapy water and put on your gloves so you can make the water hot and not get burned.
  • The next thing you need to do is to place the rugs in the hot soapy water.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the entire cooktop.
  • Take out the rugs from the hot soapy water and lay them over the baking soda while covering the entire cooktop surface.
  • Let itsit for at least 30 minutes. If needed (if the rugs get dry) repeat the procedure and place them again over the cooktop.
  • Remove the rags from the cooktop, place them again in the hot soapy water, squeeze and  wipe down the entire cooktop surface.
  • Wet the sponge with cool water and wipe up any remaining debris or baking soda. 
  • Once everything is removed, clean and smooth, use the microfiber cloth and buff the glass cooktop surface to make it more shiny and to remove any dust.


This is the most easy, convenient, affordable and natural way to clean your glass cooktop. It costs nothing and still will give you the same results as the abrasive chemical products available on the market. 

Billy Owen

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Buying Guide

4 min read

Microfiber cleaning cloths are available in wide range of waves and grades. This makes them perfect match for several different tasks, and most cleaning cloths Australia retailers will carry at least thee varieties of them, in order to best suit the needs of their clients. Before looking for microfiber cloth to purchase, it is important to decide what qualities will make the microfibe best suited for the job. Looser-woven cloths are used for heavy-duty applications (removing tough oils or dirt), while standard-woven are used for standard tasks, like wiping cars or counters after washing. When determining what type of microfiber cloth to purchase, it's time to examine the intended use of the cloth.

Industrial microfiber cleaning cloths


Some industries use microfiber cloths as care products or standard cleaning products. Usually, manufacturers produce specific types for those intended applications.


  • Industrial cleaning microfiber cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloths are wide use in industrial companies because of their superior performance compared to standard cleaning products. Usually, manufacturers provide industrial companies with microfiber cloths of different grades that are colour-coded to the task they are intended.


  • Automotive repair microfiber cloths

Automotive industry is a place with lot of greases, oils and chemicals. These types of microfiber are produced to suit the express purpose and usually are available in the form of small, disposable wipes with a loose wave, which makes them strong on oils and grease.


  • Medical use

Many hospitals use microfiber cloths in their cleaning procedures, because the small fibers and tight wave allows the cloths to clean more easily and deeply than other standard cloths.


Outdoor use of microfiber cloths


A microfiber cloth for outdoor use should be a lower grade than cloth for indoor applications. A lower grade cleaning cloth will allow to handle powerful dirt, stains and messes more easily.


  • Auto detailing cloths

If you enjoy taking care of your vehicle, microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect choice. They are high-grade with special tight wave. In order to make the job easier, some producers provide car detailing microfiber mitts alongside towel and cloth products.

  • Window washing microfiber cloths

Cleaning your windows with woven rag or paper towel will leave paper fiber, string or streaks behind on the glass. To prevent this, opt for microfiber cloth to clean and dry your windows. These clothes have tighter wave than other types what makes them high-grade.


Indoor use microfiber cloths


These microfiber clothes are commonly used for general indoor cleaning. They are made from thinner fabrics and materials than industrial and outdoor types of microfiber cloths, and because of that are not suitable for heavy applications.


  • Kitchen microfiber cloths

They are medium or low grade. Small, more polished surfaces will require medium grade microfibers while less-polished with tougher oils and stains will benefit more from low grade clothes.

  • Dusting cloths

Microfibers make dusting very easy and quick. For this purpose, medium-grade microfiber cleaning cloths are best choice. They are cheaper than high-grade cloths, but the tighter weave makes them better dust pickers than lower-grade cloths.

  • Shining microfibers

There are some pieces of furniture and other household items that require buffing and shining regularly. If you want to avoid using harsh chemical, buffing and shining microfiber cloths are perfect match. These microfibers are finer version of window-cleaning cloths, with a luxurious suede feel and super-tight wave, allowing you to easily shine an buff your precious pieces.


Identifying high quality microfiber cloths – Before make your purchase, make sure you are investing in high quality product. Check the fiber content first. The quality microfiber cleaning cloth should be made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Next, look for the edges. To prevent the cloth from unraveling or fraying, most good microfiber producers will place piping around the edge of the cloths. Whenever possible, try to feel the cloth on your skin. Thus, you should feel as if the cloth snags or catches on your skin.


Maintaining microfiber cleaning cloth – Keeping your microfiber in great shape is an easy task. When the cloth is dirty just throw it in the wash with warm water. Because it's made of special fibers, it require a less detergent than other cloths. Do not dry it on high heats because it can melt the fibers together. Also, avoid softeners because they easily attach to the microfibers and make them less effective.