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Billy Owen

Skateboard Protection Equipment: Have Fun and Stay Safe

3 min read

If you are new to skateboard you should know that learning the basics of this sport can be pretty dangerous, so it is better to be safe. Some professionals decide not to use safety gear (helmet, elbow and knee protection pads) but this is a decision that they make after years of experience and you, as a beginner, should definitely not try skating without protection gear.

Skateboard injuries usually happen when a skater loses balance and falls on strong surfaces. The hands, arms and knees are the most common parts of the body that get injured, but hurt to other body areas can also happen. By wearing protective equipment you will less likely to get injured.


One should never skate without a helmet. It is considered the most important piece of equipment as it can prevent serious head injuries. Those who skate occasionally can wear bicycle helmets, but if you are considering to do a lot of skateboarding, it may be a good idea to purchase a helmet designed especially for skateboarding. Skateboarding helmets come down lower in the back, toward the base of the skull, providing better protection in case of a backward fall happens. When choosing a helmet, make sure it follows all the safety standards for skateboarding.


Protection Pads

Constant danger to skaters include scrapes, cuts, and broken or sprained wrists. So, more than a helmet make sure you also wear an elbow and knee protection pads and wrist guards all the time you skate. When shopping for elbow and knee protection pads look for models that feature cushioned interior and hard plastic shell to protect against scrapes. About wrist guards, look for a model made from strong plastic to hold the wrist securely in place in the event of a fall. Make sure the pads fits properly and have them securely fastened at all the times.


Other Gear

You may also consider wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants under your pads to ensure extra protection against scrapes and cuts. Light gloves are also recommended to help keep your fingers safe.


As you become experienced with skateboarding you will have more fun with it and will be less likely to get injured. Before trying skateboarding on your own, consider taking lessons from an experienced skater or trained instructor who will be able to teach you how to control speed, how to turn, stop, and skate with your head up so you can recognize and avoid obstacles that can contribute for you to fall.

Billy Owen

The Importance of Hand Wraps for Boxing

4 min read

If you're thinking about starting boxing, you should know a few things before you step in the ring. Boxing is an inexpensive sport when you're first starting out. You will need some quality fight equipment and supplies designed to protect you during your boxing training. For a heavy bag workout, you will need a jump rope, heavy bag, bag gloves and hand wraps. When it comes to training with a partner you will also need a mouthguard, headgear, groin protector (or chest protector if you're female) and sparring gloves.

Do you have to wrap your hands for boxing?

Besides a pair of quality boxing gloves, you will also need hand wraps for extra protection and support on your hand and wrists. Over half of the bones in the human body are in the hands and feet. This means that there are numerous tiny and fragile bones in your hands that can be easily fractured during training, especially if you don't wrap your hands. 

Boxing is all about punching, so if you have a broken hand you can't punch. You have to protect your hands by using hand wraps properly. The purpose of hand wraps is to strengthen and align your wrists as well as to prevent bleeding as a result of scraped knuckles. Hand wraps will protect your hands during boxing, minimize the chances of injury, and will also prolong the life of your boxing gloves as they will soak up all the sweat that would otherwise seep into the gloves.

Types of hand wraps

Today, hand wraps for boxing come in many sizes and colors, so it can be confusing deciding what you need.

When it comes to length, hand wraps also come in several lengths, with 108" and 180" being the most common. Many boxers opt for the 180" wraps which give enough length to wrap your hands in various different ways. They also provide extra support and padding on the places where you need it the most.


Traditional hand wraps are cotton weaved and don't stretch easily. They were very popular in the past, but as they have no give, it's very easy to wrap them so tight that they cut off the blood circulation to your fingers. Today, cotton hand wraps are not a popular option because they are considered uncomfortable.


Mexican-style hand wraps are usually a blend of spandex and semi-elastic cotton. They are the most widely used hand wraps for boxing because they're stretchy, really comfortable and they stick better to your hands. They tend to stay tight for the whole boxing session, so you can make a fist comfortably without feeling the wrap cut into your hand.

Tape and Gauze

Many professional boxers use tape and gauze when fighting in the ring. However, tape and gauze are not necessary when you're training.


Glove wraps are fingerless gloves that offer a simple and quick solution for protecting your hands. However, even though they're convenient, they're not tight fitting and don't offer the same amount of protection and support as traditional or Mexican hand wraps.

What are the best wraps for boxing?

If you're wondering what are the best hand wraps for boxing and which ones you should choose, go Mexican. Mexican-style wraps are elastic, more comfortable, and they will provide the protection you need during training.They're also longer than the traditional wraps, so they will effectively wrap your hands and knuckles. Make sure that the wraps you'rebuying have a wide Velcro closure. Wraps with thin Velcro ends can come apart easily and they're not so secure. 

Buying hand wraps is a very simple process only if you know what you're looking for. Spend a little more money and get some high-quality hand wraps that will protect your hands in the long run.

Billy Owen

Kids Skates: Let the Christmas Hearts with happiness Melt

3 min read

Since we Australians have a unique weather during the Christmas season we also have the opportunity to give our dearest one's unique presents. The last year I have decided to surprise my little ones with something that will put a huge smile on their faces and keep them busy all year round. If you haven't guess yet, I'm talking about inline skates. As a mother of two, I barely have time to go for shopping. So, I decided to look for inline skates online and see what I can found. Believe it or not, I was amazed by the huge variety of top-notch kids skates available. From the most convenient buyer, I certainly become the most confused one without an idea what to choose.

After a made a good research I finally found the perfect fit for my kids. They are different ages and sex so my goal was to buy inline skates that will be most suitable for them. For my little girl, I choose a model with Alpha shell and cuff since they were designed with support and lightweight in mind. For easy handling, the frame length varies with the shoe sizes thus giving the kids the best possible set up. Also, these kids skates come with an adjustable size what means they are not short term investment. On the other hand, for my little gentlemen I've purchased a model with Lo-Balance frame that brings stability and control in motion. The speed lacing system and true wrap technology these kids skates come with allowing precise and fast fit in a single, easy movement.

So, I've made my choice, but what about you? Do you still feel hesitant about buying inline skates for your kids as a present? I know, kids like toys, but they cannot keep them as occupied as skates since they don't engage their whole bodies. Plus, skating can get your kids away from the screen of their phones, ipads, and PCs. They look like toys, but they're much more than that and kids love them. Inline skating is a great aerobic activity that will provide your kids with some very important benefits like following:


  • Riding inline skates improves strength and muscle endurance.


  • With a little help, your kids will improve their range of motion and flexibility.


  • They will experience coordination and balance improvement.


  • The body composition of your kid's body will change with time because of all the calories they will burn during their ride.


  • Their connectivity and clarity will also become better.


  • Respiratory and cardio endurance will boost too.


Believe me, kids enjoy riding skates. I know this because I have the opportunity to watch mine how happy they become anytime they need to put their pair of inline skates on their feet. I have already seen some amazing improvements in my kids during their skating session and because of this I will continue to recommend them as a perfect gift for kids. So mothers, do not be hesitant, put your child on skates and watch the smiles roll by.

Billy Owen

Why are Heavy Duty Workbenches a Practical Investment

3 min read

One of the best ways to keep your warehouse productivity and safety on the job is by getting a sturdy industrial workbench. These types of workbenches are made to last and are definitely worth every penny of your money. In fact, heavy duty workbenches are a safe investment that will result in high ROI. But we are not done here yet since space is not the only thing you will get from using industrial workbenches.


Besides being space-saving, these durable workbenches can provide full protection to the stored tools and materials. Besides, they require low maintenance, have almost none replacement costs, and will give you the opportunity to upgrade them with some extra shelves.


All in all, the industrial heavy duty workbenches are a practical, durable, quality and built to last solution. And just like the name implies, they are perfect for heavy duty use, making them ideal for the use in manufacturing and engineering industries. The strong and robust construction can take high impacts and long duration of use, in fact, they are designed to hold up a load up to 750kg which is pretty awesome.


When it comes to the choice, here are the two most important things you will need to bear in mind:


  • Picking the workbench worktop material

  • Choosing the right accessories for the chosen workbench


Since the user's demands are many, manufacturers strive to produce different types of heavy duty workbenches made out of different material. Generally speaking, industrial workbenches usually have hardwood, plastic, steel and laminate worktops wherein, the steel plate should be around 2mm thick, the hardwood plate should be 25mm thick, and the laminate one should be 20mm thick.


Lastly, leaning on to the right accessories for your workbench is just another thing you can do to improve the overall workbench functionality and productivity. So when it comes to choosing them, the first ones you want to consider are drawers and cupboards. They are essential bellow the bench accessories in order to provide some extra storage space for storing work, filling documentation, and small parts. You can also consider the option of adding retaining lips that will be fitted to the edges of the work surface, which will surely prevent sliding or rolling off the workbench's edge.


Depending on the type of industrial workbench you have chosen, you can also opt for adding a vice plate or even sliding doors to it.

Billy Owen

5 Signs That You're a Psychic Medium and You Don't Even Know it

3 min read

There is a popular belief saying that every human has natural psychic abilities to a certain extent and they can only be of use if discovered and improved through practice. Most of the time, when people experience something unusual, they immediately decide to consider it as just a coincidence. Have you ever noticed how you perceive something that's about to happen and it does happen some time later? That's your intuition talking to you and offers you to increase your set of 5 senses. There are two types of psychic mediums: those who discover their psychic selves during childhood and those who develop psychic abilities later in life. If you feel like you belong in the latter group, here are 5 signs that confirm that you are a psychic medium and you just are not aware of it.

You're Constantly Surprised by Your Intuition

That is not a coincidence. If you are almost always the one with the highest score when playing guessing games with your friends, your intuition is trying to tell you to work on it, improve it and take advantage of it. Only when you accept that you have a better intuition than most people you know you can develop your psychic abilities.

You Often Have Vivid Dreams

Sometimes the dreams feel very powerful and surreal, but as soon as we wake up, there is not a single thing we can remember. If you can remember your dreams in great details, then you're a psychic medium. The dreams of a psychic are not only indication of psychic abilities, but they can also provide insight to real life events. Vivid dreams are full of symbols, numbers, words and other details that when properly interpreted, can pinpoint possibilities in someone's life.

You Sometimes See People in Colors

Since psychics are able to read people's aura, it's safe to say that they see the world through a different pair of eyes. They are prone to the condition known as synesthesia, which boosts one sense by the cost of impacting another one. If it happens to you to see some people in colors, your psychic self is letting you see people by their energy and it's about time for you to embrace your psychic abilities.

You Hear Voices Everyday

We all have an inner critic, which is also known as a critical inner voice, and it has a tendency to criticize each and every one of our decisions. It would rather challenge us than support us when we need support the most. Psychics, on the other hand, have not only one inner voice, but plenty of and they can completely mess up their minds. This is an important sign of psychic awakening, as if you focus properly, those voices may guide you to the process of discovering your psychic self.

Your Gut is Always Right

There are moments when we just know that something feels either right or wrong. Sometimes we also just “know” something is about to happen before it does. Regardless of whether it is a decision you're about to make or which car to buy, you just got a feeling that you should\shouldn't do it. That is your gut instinct that helps you feel energy. If it turns out that your gut is always right, then you are a psychic who didn't know it until now.

Billy Owen

What is Spiritual Guidance and How Can it Improve Your Life?

3 min read

When a person starts exploring their existence and their purpose on this Earth, there are many questions that come to their minds and give them a hard time. Can I trust my own intuition? What is spirituality and can it help me have a better life? Do I need spiritual guidance of another person? How can I discover my own source of inner wisdom? These questions could torture your mind for days, weeks, months and even years, until you finally boost your spiritual awareness and get the much wanted answers.

Spiritual guidance has been guiding people through a journey of self-exploration for thousands of years and it used to appear in many different forms. Many religions have specific terms for spiritual guidance, so the actual meaning of spiritual guidance can vary greatly from one tradition to another. In some religions, spiritual guidance is provided by a higher power via a priest, while some traditions consider the daily experiences as spiritual guidance, but only if properly interpreted.

These days, spiritual leaders are not the only ones who can provide spiritual guidance. Psychics are also known as suitable spiritual guidance providers, because their highly-advanced intuition, their gift to read people's aura and their various psychic readings experiences can help people improve their life in the areas they're struggling most. Besides helping them identify their problems and deal with it properly, psychics can also help people find the spiritual truth and boost their spiritual awareness.

Although they have the same goals, psychics and spiritual leaders work in different ways. Spiritual leaders try to help people by offering them a solution to their daily struggles with an approach from a spiritual perspective. They usually suggest people to increase the faith in a higher power and strengthen the connection with it, as if it were the only way to solve their problems. Psychics, on the other hand, do not necessarily connect spirituality with religion and will never suggest a person to reach out to a higher power for help. Their way of helping you to boost your spirituality is based on self-exploring and discovering.

Since psychics are known for reading a person's aura (an energetic field that every person has and it's consisted of feelings and thoughts), they are only able to help you identify your problem and maybe give you a few suggestions out of experience. Unlike spiritual leaders, the spiritual readings of psychics will guide you through a process of re-evaluating, discovering and searching for answers of your own existence, all leading to enlightenment and major life changes. Spiritual guidance is about helping you re-establish the connection between your body and your soul and finding your higher self, not to connect with an outer higher power so you can live a more fulfillment life.

Even after so many decades of trying, we are still seeking the meaning and purpose of our existence, but with a renewed curiosity, sharpened minds and eagerness bigger than ever. What we learned from all those years of trying is that every person is a creator of a new story with its own beginning and its own end. Happiness, fulfillment and joy happen to those who try to live a better life, to those who believe in themselves, to those who are eager to know the biggest mysteries in the universe. Every personal choice makes a difference in your life and when spiritually inspired, even the smallest ones makes a huge impact.

Billy Owen

Simple Tricks To a Long and Happy Marriage

3 min read

Many people believe that love and marriage should be easy and effortless. And while many couples have these types of experiences of love, there are times when you need to work harder in order to create and maintain a romantic love that will last a lifetime. Studies have shown that passionate and obsessive love fades after the beginning of a relationship, but a romantic love can stand the test of time only if both partners are willing to put effort into their marriage. Here is a list of 6 simple tricks to a long and happy marriage!

Be Nice and Considerate

If you want to live a happy married life, you should always be nice to your spouse. There are so many things you can do to be nicer to your spouse. For instance, start every day with a warm kiss or a hug. Make an effort to be affectionate in the morning and you will feel happier and more loving toward each other for the rest of the day.

Be Respectful

The key to a healthy and successful marriage is to make your spouse feel like your equal. Take your spouse's feelings into account whenever you're making a decision and make sure that take the time to listen to your spouse and make him/her feel like you care. Try to be loving, respectful and understanding to your spouse.

Keep the Romance Alive

Married life does not equate to boring life. There are so many easy ways to keep the romance alive in your marriage. Remind your spouse that he/she is still worth the time and energy that you devoted at the beginning of your relationship. Even if you can't find time to set aside for a date night, with a little imagination you can have a romantic candle light dinner at home after you put the children to bed.

Have a Lot of Sex

More sex in a marriage doesn't necessarily equal happiness, but sex can certainly improve your relationship and your lives. Having sex on a daily basis provides the much-needed couple time, boosts mood, builds trust and it's a great way to connect with your spouse without speaking. Staying connected in marriage is important because it helps you communicate better and you might end up arguing less.

Say "Thank You" and "I Love You"

Don't forget to say "I love you" and "Thank you". A study has shown that people who felt appreciated by their partners had less resentment and more satisfaction with their relationships. Your spouse should know how you feel about him/her, so make an effort to tell how much you love him/her and express gratitude every day. Making the effort to say these two phrases can make a huge difference in your marriage.

Maintain Good Communication

If you want your marriage to be a long and happy one, good communication is key. You and your spouse should be able to talk about everything that's on your mind. According to experts, communication before the wedding is one of the best predictors of success in marriage. In order to have and maintain strong communication, you have to be aware of your spouse's thoughts and moods before you have a conversation. When arguing, try not to personally attack your spouse and don't say things in anger intentionally meaning to hurt him/her. If you end up saying something bad, make sure you apologize immediately.

Billy Owen

What is the Backbone of Proper Personality Development

3 min read

Unless you want your life to echo the myth of Sisyphus, you have given personality development a thought. Humanity has taught us that even the richest and luckiest people, regarding money and position in society, quickly lose their power if they don't focus on personality enhancement. Knowing how to get a hold of one's own emotions and how to deal with other people is the key to successful and more peaceful life.

Some people naturally undergo several stages of personality development – they simply have a keen eye when it comes to what changes in behavior and mind sets are required to get to the next level. However, others need to enroll in personal development courses at the end of which they take a personality test that lets them know whether they have improved or not.

There are many different courses, but they all have several things in common: the focus is to stop perceiving everything so personal, to learn to make and stick to your daily to-do-lists, but also to be able to let go when necessary, to view yourself in others and be able to help with open heart and sincerity, to become assertive and particular regarding your needs and so on and so forth.

Some of the best personality development theories are based on the belief that every person should be present with themselves and monitor their own behavior on a daily basis. Now, many of you may think that this means being strict when it comes to making mistakes, but this cannot be further from the truth. It simply means that by observing, you can make the tomorrow better than the yesterday. Just like you cannot be mad at a small child for not being able to walk properly, you should never be cruel to yourself and focus on mental punishment.

Rewarding yourself for your progress by being thankful and patient is number one necessity for proper development of personality. This is in fact the key to unlocking your potential for positive focus, which will spread like a lovely breeze in May and cheer up other around you as well.

Finally, here are several essential personality development tips:

  • Be thankful for the mistakes and learn from them.
  • Do not blame others nor yourself, see whatever has happened as a valuable lesson, take mental notes and go on.
  • Do not repeat the same mistakes too often! If you have discovered that you don't want to open up to soon to new people, if you have felt that this violates your personal boundaries – stop doing it.
  • Always focus on the positive aspect, but do avoid people that only bring negativity in your life. You are responsible for your own actions, but you cannot control those of others.
  • Don't rush yourself into situations you are not ready for yet. Make sure that you have analyzed how you feel before you take a side and act.
  • When you speak, speak your mind, but don't waste your energy in vain. This way, everything you'll get in your life will be a product of your authenticity, plus, you get to save your precious energy.

Billy Owen

Top 4 Easy Things to Draw When Bored At School

3 min read

Drawing is one of the coolest ways to beat boredom no matter where you are. However, even though many of us love drawing, sometimes it can be very hard to think of ideas for what to draw. 

Maybe you think that you're not talented enough for drawing. However, drawing is like any other fun activity - the more you practice, the stronger your techniques and skills will become. In fact, there are many famous painters and graphic artists in the world, who have found their drawing talent when they were bored at school and they began sketching cartoons of their teachers in their notebooks as a way to beat boredom. 

Drawing has proved to be a great way to kick away boredom and open the doors of creativity. If you don't have any idea of what to draw when you're bored in the classroom or at home, here is a list of some interesting things to draw on paper.


Colorful flowers are one of the most wonderful things to draw when bored. They can brighten up your day and they are immediately recognizable and inviting regardless of whether your drawing style is more realistic or cartoonish. Flowers also have non-linear shapes which make them a forgiving subject matter if you're not completely confident in your drawing skills.

If you don't know how to start, grab your pen and draw a loop with a pointed end, similar to a teardrop. Then make other loops the same size and shape with their pointed ends connected to the point of the first loop so that it forms a ring. Five teardrops will make a good flower.


Even if you're just a beginner, you can easily draw different types of trees. There are so many ways to portray trees, so whether it's a cloud-like puff on the top of a simple linear trunk or a triangle turned into a Christmas tree, you simply can't go wrong.

If you choose to draw trees, start with a simple line and the general shape that you would like the crown to be. Then add a few lines that would indicate the main branches and make the trunk and the branches a little bit thicker towards the base. Now, add a few smaller branches on each one of the main branches and shade in the entire area in the crown of leaves.

Faces and Expressions

Drawing a face might seem intimidating at first, but you can practice and you'll be surprised at the diversity of emotion that you can show with just a few simple lines. You can try out different expressions, but the most important features of every face are undoubtedly the eyes. The shape of the mouth is also important when you're drawing a face because it affects the shape of the entire face and the way the cheeks move. Keep in mind that when you move the shape and position of the eyes and mouth, it affects everything else.


Doodles are some of the simplest and easiest things to draw in your notebooks when you're dying of boredom at school. Doodling is a free-form method of drawing that leaves no place for failure. Every one of us can doodle, whether it's just hearts, animals, stars, flowers or more involved scenes. Start by drawing some shapes and patterns without a particular meaning and let your creativity run wild.


Billy Owen

Hilarious Funny White Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

3 min read

Going to work every day, communicating with many people, we come across a lot of racist talk on numerous occasions: on the subway, waiting for your meal at McDonald’s, hearing two random people on the sidewalk conversing… Racist jokes have been around for quite a while and it’s almost inevitable to hear one every now and then; even you yourself probably know a couple of black, Jew, or Mexican jokes you’ve shared with friends and laughed together. And while these jokes are the most common type, what about the ones regarding white people?

Caucasians do enjoy having a good laugh at their colored friends’ expense, while they don’t really appreciate it when the joke is on them. Sorry fellas, sometimes you just can’t go against it - it’s only natural people would start making funny jokes about redneck crackers and dumb blondes when there are so many “nigger” and “Juan” puns out there. Truth is, no matter the color of our skin, we all like a good joke when we hear one, so if you’re a white folk who got here by accident, don’t get offended but crack a smile at the one-liners we’ve selected for you. Later, you can pay us back with some other racist jokes, as we have those too ;)


How do you offend a white person? 

Tell them they can't tell racist jokes.


What do you call it when a white man dancing has a seizure? 

An improvement.


What does a white woman make for dinner? 



What do you call a bunch of white guys sitting on a bench?

The NBA.


How are crayons like people?

No one likes the white ones.


What's the flattest surface to iron your jeans on?

A white girl's ass.


Why can’t white people play chess?

Because they’ve been taught that all white pieces are kings.


Why are redneck murder cases the hardest to solve? 

Because all the DNA matches and there are no dental records.


What is the scariest thing about a white person in prison? 

You know he did it.


Why do so many white people get lost skiing?

It’s hard to find them in the snow.


Why don’t people tell white jokes?

They want to keep their jobs.


Why shouldn’t white people go swimming?

Because crackers get soggy when wet.


What do you call a white man with a large penis?

An endangered species.


What do you call a bus full of white people?

A Twinkie.


What do you call it when a white man marries the woman of his dreams? 



How do you make a hundred white old ladies yell “Fuck!” at the same time?

Get one to yell “Bingo!”


A white guy doesn’t want to be disturbed. Unless Disturbed comes out with a new album.


Why did the white man visit the moon? 

He heard that the Indians had land there.


How did the white boy come out of the grocery store with a six pack?

He walked in and payed for it.


Why did white people own slaves?

They were not strong enough to pick cotton.

source: FunnyJokes2Go